Friday, 24 September 2010

Lily's Friday Prediction

By request, I'm using a different book to perform this week's prediction. Hmmmnnn... It's a book I love. It's a book I first read at school in the 70s, though it was written in 1951. It's a book I didn't read again until fifteen years ago. It's a book that everyone who struggles with being allowed to be oneself should read. It's On The Road by Jack Kerouac.

Before I reveal today's words I just want to applaud last week's entries. Joleen gave us a snappy, mania-ridden 'announcement'. Sue H's 17th Parallel chilled my bones. Michael Solender disturbed us, as usual. Chris Allinotte had me laughing in revenge for something I hadn't done. David Barber hurt my head, in a good way. Pixie J. King had me in tears. And my own entry - well, I had to research Korean political history and sadly, it taught me a lot. Excellent entries. Thank you.

This weeks are:
  • New Orleans
  • Swallow
  • Phlebitis
Usual rules - 100 words max flash fiction or poetry. Please add them in the Comments box below.

And in the unlikely event that you haven't read On The Road, I recommend the version On The Road by Jack Kerouac The Original Scroll introduced by my talented old friend, Howard Cunnell.

Their Dark Masters Cover Artwork Preview

Lookie, lookie! Sneaky peek at Mark Crittenden's superb cover for Their Dark Masters anthology. Isn't it pretty?

The anthology is filling up quickly but there is still time to enter. You can find the details at Red Skies Press, and of my involvement at an earlier post on here Their Dark Masters traps Walls of Flesh.


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