Friday, 27 August 2010

Lily's Friday Prediction

Just checkin' - yeah, it really is Friday this time (I know that 'cos the calendar just told me). Though the days have all drifted into one this week with our glorious English summertime of torrential rain. And hey - you guessed it - I had the week off.

WELCOME -  to Lily's Friday Prediction. If you're new then it's all about using the (exact) following three words or phrases within a 100-word max piece or flash fiction. Or poetry - hey, why not. Just flip them into the Comments box below. Go Anonymous if you haven't got a Google or other account.

Take a peek at the last few weeks' worth to get an idea, with great contributions from Michael Solender, Erin Cole, Sue H, Pixie J. King, Chris Allinotte, David Barber, MRMacrum and more. No prizes huns, sorry - it's just for the love and the practice.

This week's three are:
  • Drawings
  • Implication
  • Charlotte

Lily Childs is a writer of horror, esoteric, mystery and chilling fiction.

If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.