Friday, 5 November 2010

Prediction Winner

Goat's Eye - John Brody Photography
You lot have given me a hard job this week, especially with the last minute entries. The already-outstanding quality gets better week by week, so much so that it's a real privilege to 'host' your entries, even more to judge them. Should I win the lottery or get a 7-figure book deal (yeah, right) then I'll start giving out prizes.

In the meantime I, like all of us appreciate how everyone contributes their own thoughts on the entries. For me, that is reward enough.

So, comments already provided on last week's Prediction challenge, here is the summary:

  • Chris Allinotte tricked us with fairy tales and sharp-toothed nymphs
  • David Barber offered a dodgy box of chocs and slaughter with The Sacrifice
  • Aidan F's ethereal jungle wedding (or not) spangled with supernatural tingles
  • Antonia Woodville cleverly exposed the self-absorbed cynic vs. the philanthropist
  • My 'Oracle' saw Roman/Celtic lovers go their separate spiritual ways - for the moment
  • Bill Owens' FREE FILM FEST FRIDAY! could compete with Dave Barber's Two Blokes. Hilarious tale of a genuine but lazy love of film.
  • Pixie J. King's One Man's Debt poured with poignant tragedy; leaving home - against all odds.
  • Sue Harding's Not-So-Dumb Animal perfected the attitude of the goat as he chewed away at her beloved books. Until...
  • AJ Humpage evoked ancient sacrificial days of golden Mayan desperation with empathy and understanding, with Shadows of Kukulcan.
I loved the variety this week - and was stunned no-one did the the scapegoat aspect or the old Devil worship goat thing (I've got one of those coming up soon - no pressure Lee - at Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers, even though I don't believe in Mr D.) Fabulous entertainment and all so well written and constructed.

This week's winner is Pixie J. King's One Man's Debt. Her words chilled me to the bone. I felt drenched by her piercing rain; desperately sad for the man leaving everything he loved behind. At sixteen years old, Pixie's writing continues to astound, and improves day by day. Can't wait to read more. Well done Pix.

Bonfire Night's Prediction coming shortly - with not a banger in sight...

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  1. Awwwwwww thanks Lily! That's nice to wake up to, considering I don't feel my best today at all.

    I've got plans for this ikkle piece this space...

    Pixie x


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