Sunday, 10 October 2010

Slap and Tickle

I watched her play with it; a cat slapping at a trapped mouse. Katie giggled. She looked up for approval. I hadn't seen anything yet to demonstrate a particular talent. My mouth turned down in disappointment, an ugly pout.

"Let it go and give me something else."

Katie shrugged. She wiped her eyeball free of grime and popped it back in its socket. I tossed her a pair of scissors; nodded at her feet. She blinked, not without difficulty.

"Big toe," I said.

She obliged.


  1. Wonderful stuff Lily. This is like a companion piece to your contest entry at the New Flesh. A couple more like this, and you'll have a nice little twisted, "toying with fleshy bits" collection!

  2. Creepy...with perfect dialogue and child's play.

  3. Cheers all; just a little thing bouncing around that needed releasing before I went to bed last night.

    "toying with fleshy bits" Chris - ooh I love that!

  4. It's the man with the pink hair!! Don't believe his story that his daughter made him do it. Very becoming. :)

    Where've you been?

  5. Stuck in my bathroom retiling it and replacing some crap plumbing done by some dodgy plumber. Just posted my entry for your prediction. ;-)


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