Thursday, 16 September 2010

Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers

I've been far too busy for my own good lately and have neglected the wonderful Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers. I popped over an hour ago and found some dark and disturbing treasures from Ron Koppelberger, Sandra Seamans, Sean Patrick Reardon and  Joleen Kuyper.

Don't be a stranger like me. Pay a visit. Hell, submit something.



  1. Great shout Lily. There's been an influx this week and they're well worth a read. I've managed a few.

  2. I got my first piece published on their since the revamp. Don't think anyone's really read it though. Bad times. :(

  3. Thank you for the mention, Lily!

    Pixie, I think I missed yours all right, will go have a look for it now ;-)

  4. Hi Lily and thanks for the shout out.
    Yeah, we had a bit of an influx and a few rapid posts. I'm sure that many will have read your story Pixie, but didn't comment. Loads of people come and go without commenting so don't feel that your work hasn't been appreciated. ;-)


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