Monday, 13 September 2010

A Real Horror Story

More disgusting news of abuse by church leaders, this time Catholic priests in Belgium.

This is where the true horror lies; not in the pen of wordsmiths but in the sick minds and hands of those who are supposed to be Men of God. They seem to be outside of the law. I know what I'd do to the filthy pigs.

And that pope bloke's coming to the UK this week. Appalling.

Please note, I am not anti-Christian; I am not anti-religion. But I am anti anyone using religion (or anything else, for that matter) as an excuse to carry out abuse. Sorry for rant. Had to be said.


  1. Lily, don't be sorry. These people are the scum of the earth. And the sooner they are wiped off it, the better.

    "God, do you condone the molestation and abuse of children by a grown man?"
    "Only if he's a man of the cloth."

    I highly doubt that the above comment would be true, yet the sickos in the church seem to get away with it.

    The Pope? I'll bet everything I own that the main closet in the Popes bedroom is chock full of "skeletons"! And not just from the present one either. Some of those "skeletons" will be years and years old.

    I rest my rant!!

    (You can get rid of this if you want, Lily, just in case the bible bashers come down on you. Just send them to my blog. I'll speak with them!!) ;-)

  2. You're absolutely right on every count David.

    And as for Bible Bashers, how could they criticise my words? If I were a practising Christian - and I know many people who are that are kind, gentle and honest - then I would be perpetually horrified at what was being done under the cloak of man-made churchdom. Apart from the evil abuse, these men are also letting down the congregations they are supposed to serve. I hear 13 of the Belgian priests committed suicide. That let them off then. Too easy.

    There's been a lot of talk about what's in the pope's wide-open cupboards that is scary enough. As you say, bet there's a whole army of skeletons.

  3. Totally agree. Let's not forget the same pope took the time to condemn harry potter books because they're about kids and witchcraft, but still hasn't actually condemned the actions of the priests who abused children and ruined so many lives.

  4. Well said, Lily, David and Joleen. I've nothing against religion either but these 'people' are hypocrites, and if there truly is a heaven I doubt they will be going there.


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