Saturday, 18 September 2010

Dressing-Up Box at The New Flesh

The marvellous horror/bizarro site that is The New Flesh is running a competition on the theme of "...and that's why I keep my eye in a pickle jar." Details here.

My entry Dressing-Up Box is a demonic dance that gave me the most inappropriate pleasure to write. TNF accepted the submission - and it is now up on the site.

Do pop over to have a read and make a comment. I'd love to know what you think.


  1. Excellent, Lily. Made me sick up a little bit which is always a good thing with a horror story! :-)

    Me thinks you could be on to a winner there.

  2. Made you puke? Oh David. it was a pleasure :)


    Are you entering?

  3. Loved it Lily. I left a comment on the site.

    Let's see how you fare against my own entry, due to be posted this week ... ;)

  4. You're one sick bitch, that's why I think you're great lol. That was absolutely mind-blowing Lil.

  5. That was excellent and gross, Lily! I loved it, left a commend on the site.

    I've nominated you for a Creative Blogging Award, details on my blog ;-)

  6. Loved it Lily - you really do know how to make the reader go eww and yuck and then hide behind their pillow!

    That 'keep my eye in a pickle jar' comp sounds brilliant.

  7. Thanks Lee and Ellie, and double-thanks Jo! Always happy to offend. :)

  8. twas another hit! Excellent work.

  9. Love your style, Lily- beautiful, gory, and always disturbing.


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