Sunday, 1 August 2010

Eastbourne Lammas Fest 31/7- 1/8 2010

Our pagan Lammas Fest celebrated its 10th year this weekend and is going from strength to strength. I am no longer involved in the organisation but those who do it are the most amazing bunch - Ray, Lynda, Simon, Chris, Derek, George, Ann, Cath, Jen, Dave - feruckin' fabulata.

This year's is the best ever, despite the Weather Goddess pissing on us for the morning - her prerogative... she did us proud this afternoon. A lesson for the complacent.

Hunters Moon Morris led the dance, as always. Jen - be well. Pentacle Drummers performed with spectacular entertainment value, despite the sea mist wilting their skins ;) Eastbourne Giants - Herne and Andred - blessed us with their presence, joined by John Barleycorn. Thank you Derek.

The closing ritual was a massive event. Paddy as a priest was a wondrous thing to behold. After all these years, Paddy - the biggest hugs ever. BB.

Come back tomorrow, if you are so inclined. If they'll let you in...

Here's John Barleycorn from  a couple of year's back. (Hubby in blue).

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  1. How cool. I've always wanted to attend a major pagan festival. Here in the NW, there's a ton of them, and I really have no excuse, except children:)


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