Friday, 2 July 2010

Lily's Friday Prediction

Two great flash pieces from Matt Hilton and Chris Allinotte last week - cheers mateys. Today's words are simple yet, as a woman and a writer of horror the thought of them together in 100 words fills me with dread. They are:
  • Bed
  • Propaganda
  • Womb
So let's see your best - max 100 words flash fiction or tell me by the end of the week how these words have come true for you. Comments below. Off you go...


  1. Well, I missed the last couple and this is a rush job...

    Together we lay in our bed, my hand resting on her swollen stomach: in her womb our child jostling for the perfect position.

    The song on the radio playing in the background, the little known German group, Propaganda, singing the words: “it’s too late the decision is made by fate, time to prove what forever should last.”

    Yes, I thought, fate has made this decision for us. How do I tell my wife I have only six months left to live?

  2. I'll bet she spewed propaganda from the womb. The girl was barely out of knickers and she was already campaigning for the right wingers. I hated her politics, but damn if I didn't want to get her in bed.

  3. So sad, David. So sad. But very good flash for a rush job!

    Michael - that's brilliant. I can see her - what a (totty) bitch!

  4. I have one ready for you Lily...with my friend Abril.

    Will post it later tonight, get rid of my Friday Prediction virginity ;)

    Pixie x

  5. Okay, finally ready...hope you like it.

    Abril sat in a confined space, the walls dirty and her wings unusable. She rubbed her stomach. A couple of days before, the medi-elf said Abril was pregnant. It was Claudio’s.
    The propaganda released by their rivals, the Black Spiders made her stomach churn. If they found out she was pregnant, they’d slash her womb out for sure.
    She shuddered, her light flickering. She knew her magic had been drained from her, she knew she would die along with her unborn baby fairy.
    She hoped, prayed, that she would be released from her prison nightmare before she died.

  6. Pixie, this a really well-crafted piece. I can feel the desperation is Abril's condition - physical, emotional and circumstancial.

    I've read some other excerpts from your Abril/Claudio series and look forward to the next update. Will Abril escape? Will she die? The concept is disturbing, dark and intriguing - as all REAL fairy tales should be. More please.

  7. Well, I will turn it into a series on my blog soon. I've been working on it this week. This is just a taster that I came up with...but I might work it into the storyline. So, in other words, watch this space...

    And thankyou :)

    (Ps...on your Feedjit feed it's quite disturbing. I want to just say that I am NOT a crazy online stalker...promise...)

    Pixie x

  8. LOL - That's OK re Feedjit! We all take peeks when we post something. Sorry, for once I wasn't around yesterday night to spot it. Must pay more attention!

  9. Even so, it's quite disturbing for me to take up the whole thing!

  10. Pixie, I loved that BUT...unless my eyes deceive me, BED wasn't used. I will let you off though as it's in the word "rubbed". lol :-)

  11. Yes you're right David. I did cut Pixie some slack, because it was such a good piece (and I assumed Abril was on a bed). But I'll make it clear in future that all words must be used. (Retreats, admonished).

  12. Your absolutely right David! It somehow got cut out when I edited it...because I DID include it. However my idea changed as I wrote it, and cotton bed got cut out...

    *Slaps wrists*

    If you're all that bothered about it, I have two words left to toy with, I can throw a bed in there (Quite literally) and repost?

    As it shows, writers, and fairies, can't be perfect.

    Sorry all...

    *Leaves with head bowed down*

  13. No, no, no!!! I run off threatening to end it all!! My first attempt at this was 137 words long!! Pixie, please forgive me. I loved your piece, and I love fairies. I have one aged 6 and one aged 4. :-)

    Have a great Sunday, ladies.


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