Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bit of Fun... Are you the next big thing?

Some writer mateys were recently told about 'I write like' at

Paste a few paragraphs of your work into the text field and hit the Analyze button.

I posted six different excerpts from different pieces - I got 2 Stephen Kings, 2 James Joyces (I don't think so) and 2 Margaret Atwoods. Interesting.

The list of writers must be fairly short, but it's a giggle.

Do YOU write like a genius?


  1. My old man always said I write like Stephen King.

    According to this thing I do.

    But then with Abril I write like Dan Brown.

    Two writers I've never read, either. Aren't I great? ;)

    Pixie x

    PS, I love the image you've got for this post. Very nice :)

  2. I tried three pieces - apparently I write like Harry Harrison, William Gibson and Douglas Adams.

    (er, I've only heard of ONE of those)

    They all seem to produce sci-fi(ish) stuff - a genre I don't write in - so, go figure......?

  3. Stephen King, David Foster Wallace, and Vladimir Nabokov. Not too shabby!

    Thanks for the fun link Lily.

    For the record, I've heard my stuff called "like Stephen King" as well. I just take that as "good story, easy to read," which is all I'm after.


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