Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lily's Friday Prediction - on a Sunday

OK, so it's late. Bite me. I confess that last Friday I was too busy on hols in France where the WiFi was poor and the wine was cheap (actually, it was bloody expensive) to run the Friday prediction. Plus the fact that the great tome that has become my method of bibliomancy was at home by my bed - and I didn't feel another book would do. See - I'm already superstitious and precious about it.

So this latest prediction is on a Sunday - June 6th. Three great pieces of flash appeared for the last one, so it would be excellent to see more this time (or even the recounting of some spooky coincidence related to the words - it's not happened yet).

The three words, and unusually they include two doubles are:
  • Barn Owl
  • Ohio
  • Single Malt
Get your noir, horrid and thrilling gnashers round that one. Over to you...


  1. ‘Ohio!’
    That was the bastard’s last word when I grabbed him from behind, wrapped my hands round his skull and yanked it back to front like one of them little barn owls.
    Actually, it came out more like, ‘Oh..Hiee...ugh!’ but it worked for me, and I’d be toasting his death with a nice single malt later.

  2. Ohio was a first class twat. He was the lowest form of scum that God created, so it was with great delight that I cracked open his prized single malt whisky and took a gulp as I watched his body go up in flames. He’d supplied too much contaminated cocaine to too many weak minded people and I couldn’t let that go on any longer.

    His screams were short lived as the petrol soaked sock that I’d stuffed into his mouth set alight and started melting his throat. His head twisted from side to side, reminding me of a barn owl but a lot less elegant. His thrashing about soon stopped as his soul left his body, dancing with the flames on its way to Hell. The only place for him.

  3. Lily, apologies. The above was my first go at it and I'd not read your first posting that says 100 word limit. Will try harder next time. ;-)

  4. No worries David, I really enjoyed it anyway. I was remiss at not putting a link to the original 'rules' this time, so it's my fault.

    Glad you're back around.

    Nice one Matt as well. Thsnks for contributing.

    You know it was the single malt that I knew would throw it - and I promise it wasn't contrived. :) More please.


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