Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Another Day - Another Acceptance

Thanks to Lee Hughes tipping us the wink about Static Movement's new anthology Caught by Darkness, I submitted a rewrite of my gruesome dialogue piece 'Softly'.

Static Movement ed. Chris Bartholomew said she loved it. She's accepted it into the anthology - I'll shout loudly when it's out.

More info at Static Movement



  1. Nice one Lily. I had a piece accepted yesterday by Pill Hill Press. The datails are on my blog, as they are still accepting submissions. Well done. ;-)

  2. Thanks David - you too, congrats. I'll be over to pay a visit to your blog very soon! (Caught the news on the subscription feed earlier).

  3. Cushty, I called her Christopher! doh!

  4. Yup Paul, me too. Good job she's got a great sense of humour. :)

  5. I made the same mistake with her too!

    Great stuff, Lil - you're on a roll.

  6. Nice Lily! Congrats. I've been meaning to check it out - thanks for the reminding tip.

  7. Cheers everyone! Feels good.

  8. I don't mean to sound clever...okay yes I am. But I knew she was a woman because of an old Static Movement blog. Reveals so much these days :P

    Anyway, congrats Lily! It feels nice we'll be sharing the pages together as In The Woods is in there too!

    A TB sweep?

    Pixie x

  9. KICK ASS! A lot of us made this one. Congrats.


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