Sunday, 14 March 2010

Beware the Ides of March

15 March. Watch your backs!!!!

I've got my appraisal at work tomorrow; hardly an inspiring date. Although really, the Ides meant the full moon, rather than the later-celebrated 15th of the month. So I might be alright. Caesar probably said the same thing.

Saw 6 magpies in a tree today. They flew in front of us - not any other car - as we drove past. Apparently, six is for gold. Won a tenner on the Lottery on Wednesday; it's hardly what I'd call gold.

Funny month this, March. Stuff's going on. Times, they are a changing, and I can't put my finger on what's occuring. A big, bad, reincarnation keeps rearing its ugly head - think it might be time to investigate. I'm scared, very scared. I remember how it felt when they did what they did...


  1. Good luck with the appraisal Lily. And watch out for the Mad March Hare. ;-)

  2. Hi Lily, I agree with 'stuff' going on...

    Katie rang me tonight and she was telling me about the horrendous floods in La Rochelle. Over 50 people died! Some drowned in their homes. Can you believe it? Others had to climb into their attics and tear through the wood and roof tiles to escape the rising waters - it all happened so fast. Picturing La Rochelle, I just can't imagine it.

    Apparently some aquaintances were dining in their conservatory and a huge wave crashed through - jagged shards of glass everywhere, one guy had such terrible lacerations to his legs, severing muscles and tendons, that he's going to be in a wheelchair for months before he'll be able to walk again.

    I'd already been 're-visiting' the past a lot today (this life time though!) when I saw your post. Thinking about things that happened when we were all living in France. Memories, 'coincidences'. Wondering what it all meant, why were we drawn there at that time?

    Feeling that it's time to go back and finish things that began there. Not literally but, well, you will know what I mean. I feel as though I've wandered far from that path...

    Good luck tomorrow!


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