Thursday, 21 January 2010

Pretty Pinholes

My latest contribution to Thrillers Killers n Chillers has just been published; thank you Col and Matt.

It's called Pretty Pinholes. Read it here.

Hope you like it...


The factory floor was cold beneath her naked back. Hard on the shoulder blades, crusty against her splayed buttocks.

The only light - a breath of radiance shooting through a distant keyhole - spangled across the thousand pin heads that pierced her trembling flesh. A bed of nails, she was. Only more so.
Crouching, near-naked himself except for the daggers, he took to his feet. Nothing could threaten the verve that prickled his skin, full as it was, with exaltation.


  1. You take witchcraft to a whole new level. Great suspense!

  2. 'You take witchcraft to a whole new level'. Erin, I think that's the best compliment I have ever had!

    Thank you.


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