Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bit sloshed

Nothing interesting in me being sloshed. But I'm having a Mod revival evening and oh, there's so much I love. The Action, Ken Boothe (first record I ever bought was Everything I Own - in Boots - upstairs in the Eastbourne store (upstairs isn't there any more).

We've gone through Prince Buster, Geno Washington (to die for - SO cool), Marvin, Patsy and Derrick, Shangri-Las (go beyond Leader of the Pack - you will quake in your boots . If you don't wear boots then you're probably not welcome here).

This is all trivial - Northern Soul is unchartered territory for some, even for (Michael, the...) lovers.


  1. 70's eh? I recall my big sis' playin' all that stuff. I was too busy playin' kids Subbuteo, but it's all still etched in my mind - have a good 'n', Lil. But can you write 2moz with a hangover?
    Ps. I'm an 80's type of guy.

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  3. Oh yes, I can write tomorrow, blrgh, blrgh....

    It's only 70s 'cos I was so advanced as a child. :) Not really! Mum was and is a big Kinks/Jimmy Hendrix/Soul fan and my Dad is/was a major Gene Vincent and Buddy Holly fan. I love to watch them jive.

    Music's in my genes. I love music with a passion and get very angry about middle-of-the-road crap.

    You're not that much younger than me. I love early 80s; all the Two Tone stuff (obviously, though it was better late 70s), Depeche Mode, Human League, Heaven 17. I was of course a Boy George girl and met him at a fashion show at Campden Palace in 1981 - seriously.

    Do love the Mancie sound, though - Ian Brown's a hero. Oasis are not.

    Love Faithless, Placebo ... you know what ... this isn't the place.

    Nighty night Col. Well done on the Critters Award (we think)


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