Monday, 28 December 2009

Resolutions or achievable plans?

I'm gonna really go for it this year. I've been writing for so long but hadn't realised how much it is a part of my very core since deciding to 'go serious' at the beginning of 2009.

I WILL write and submit lots more work
I WILL earn some money from it
I WILL finish the novel
I WILL do something more with Magenta Shaman, now she's come back to me (the Aeon Award didn't want her). Update - Tuesday 29th December - and we're off. Someone's crept into Magenta's head, and into her bed...
I WILL revisit older novels I've started
I WILL do something with an eerie 17th century tale of cannibalism and debauchery that's been playing in my mind for years - if I can face it
I WILL diversify

I'll add that I want to get fit, healthy and slim, but you've got to draw the line somewhere. SlĂ inte!

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