Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Excuses, Witches and Reincarnation

Been a bit delayed lately. There have been power cuts, and lots of 'day job' work. I've been reviewing other writers' very clever fiction (you know who you are), and look forward to seeing a lot more from them.

Most interestingly, I have been researching in the National Archives for transcriptions of genuine witchcraft trials. Fascinating, yet tragic stuff for the healers and midwives who were accused of evildoing.

Some people will always be the scapegoats. I remember once, about 1440 it was - in Vieux Poitiers, France. I can still vividly recall how I was executed. But that's another story...


  1. Whenever you read about the atrocities perpetrated by the sanctioned church it always makes me think about what would have happened 2000 years ago when you had Jesus doing his tricks, Simon Magus(Simon of Gitta) doing the same tricks and it came down to who had the better PR. Kinda like Paul Daniels up against David Blaine. The granny vote always wins. But what would religion have been like then as Simon was more open to the magic and witches would probably have been encouraged.

  2. Indeed. Needs exploring.

    Your scenario would make a good novel.


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